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Students at PUC Milagro Charter School – a California Distinguished, Title I Academic Achievement Award-Winning and Gold Ribbon Award-Winning School – founded in 2004, are encouraged to question, reflect, and draw conclusions about instructional content in order to make personal and world connections. The collaborative relationship between teachers and students allows inquiry and critical thinking to drive instruction. Specific rituals and routines embedded in the daily schedule provide students small group learning opportunities, individual support, and engagement in collaborative tasks to meet their academic needs. Curriculum is designed to allow large blocks of time for students to investigate and read authentic literature, express themselves through the creation of fiction and non-fiction texts, and develop solutions to complex problems.

Identity formation and critical inquiry are the driving forces behind PUC Milagro Charter School’s academic program. College attendance and social responsibility is the ultimate goal for all students. Belief in this mission drives the school’s teaching staff to engage in continuous learning and professional inquiry. There are no excuses for underachievement at the school, only constant investigation on how to close the achievement gaps.

Implementing this vision for student success takes the combined effort of teachers, students, administration, families, and community members. PUC Milagro Charter School recognizes family members as educators, as individuals with experiences to offer, capable of constructing and sharing knowledge. It is essential for student achievement that the worlds of school and home see, know, respect, and learn from each other.

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